I’m a nutritionist. Here’s what’s in my fridge right now.

I like to follow the 80/20 rule. That means 80% of the time I eat healthy and 20% of the time I don’t.

The reason I do that is because I LOVE FEELING GREAT! And when I eat great, I feel great. But as any busy working parent knows, it can be hard to always have something heathy on hand (hence the 20%). 😉

So today I’m going to give you a peak inside my fridge. As-is. Sunday night, random leftovers and slightly too-old produce and all.


These two milks are staples at our house:

  • Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk
  • Good Karma unsweetened flax milk

I like these brands because there’s no added sugar and they don’t use thickeners like carrageenan that can hurt your guts. We occasionally buy regular milk for our daughters, but when we do, it’s whole milk, not skim. Here’s why.

You’ll notice a few other drinks in here.

  •  Zevia —  a stevia-sweetened soda that’s better for you than other diet sodas which can be loaded with sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame. It’s still soda though, so it’s a ‘sometimes treat’ at our house
  • Homemade bone broth — it’s super healing for your insides and tastes like chicken soup (minus the veggies and noodles). Here’s a great recipe you can make in the Instant Pot.

Behind the milks, sodas and bone broths are a few mini bottles of white wine. Because, well, 20%.


The next shelf down has assorted fruits like:

  • Organic blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Grapes

Then, more staples including hard-boiled eggs (yes we could make them at home, but we can never seem to get them right #workinprogress). Costco sells them in bulk so we get them there when we can. 

There’s also the ginormous container of guacamole. We go through guac like CRAZY. This one has pretty clean ingredients, although it does have a little added sugar. We were buying a pre-made one at Safeway for months before we realized it had non-fat dried milk, maltodextrin and a bunch of other not-great-for-you ingredients. Making fresh guacamole would be best, but we do what we can with what we have.

These almond milk yogurts from Kite Hill are my new favorites. Most mornings I eat this yogurt mixed with Julian Bakery vanilla protein powder and unsweetened shredded coconut.


Anyone up for leftovers?

In here I have an amazing vegan pumpkin cheese sauce similar to this recipe, plus refried beans, black olives, zucchini noodles, a thai curry soup from Costco with cauliflower rice mixed in, then more cauli rice.

Behind this monstrosity of Tupperware containers is leftover gluten-free mac-n-cheese. I’m pretty sure there are some fries back there too.

And if you look really closely you can see my husband’s stash of Paleo Bakehouse treats. Here, I’ll give you a closer look. Well, a closer look at the box…

These are paleo-friendly brownies, donuts and bars. We love our treats!

This is essentially the junk drawer of our fridge. I just started using Parmela Creamery shredded cheeses and on occasion we get the Siete Foods grain-free tortillas. If you dig deeper there’s regular shredded cheddar cheese and gluten-free tortillas in there too.


We have two drawers for veggies. Sometimes they’re packed, other times they look like this. I can tell we have to go shopping soon, but right now we have:

  • Organic spinach
  • Sweet mini peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Baby carrots (that I’m positive need to get thrown away).
  • Broccoli + some other green veggie —  both of which need to get cooked ASAP.

Condiments live in the fridge door and include everything from Trader Joe’s cashew butter and almond butter to organic ketchup, Veganese (that’s mayo without the eggs) and about 5 different types of probiotics #guthealth.


Thanks for joining me on a trip through my fridge. If you need me, I’ll be cooking up veggies and practicing my hard-boiled-egg-making skills.



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