This could be the newest superfood.

Move over kale, acai and goji berries. The newest superfood is here and there’s a good chance you’ve already got some in your veggie drawer.

I’m talking about celery. And if you never thought this under-appreciated veggie would reach superfood status, check this out.

It turns out celery can reverse leaky gut, clear up chronic acne, flush out toxins, eliminate brain fog and even help you digest your food better.

So, what makes celery such a powerhouse food?

  1. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties
  2. It starves viruses (including Epstein-Barr) and bad bacteria (like Streptococcus) which can cause SIBO and IBS … as well as other mysterious ailments
  3. It has a unique combination of mineral salts that support your central nervous system
  4. It contains electrolytes that hydrate on a cellular level, reducing migraines, panic attacks and anxiety
  5. It balances your body’s pH, which keeps your digestion working right


Give celery juice a try.

According to Medical Medium and the hundreds of thousands of people who follow his protocols, it’s recommended to drink 16 oz of organic celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then wait 15 minutes before eating breakfast.

Every day. First thing. Empty stomach.

Celery juice is for anyone who:

Has chronic bloating and doesn’t know why…

Has mysterious symptoms that doctors can’t seem to fix…

Has a foggy memory or you can’t find your thoughts…

Eats well but can’t seem to lose weight…

Has been told the symptoms are just signs of getting older…


I’ve been following this celery juice protocol for just over a month and my symptoms have improved dramatically. More so than any anti-biotic or herbal treatment I’ve ever been on.

No more food baby. No more weird aches and pains. No confusion or wanting to withdraw from social situations.

And it’s all from drinking 16 oz of celery daily.

Read more about the healing power of celery here. And comment below if you’ve ever given celery juice a try!

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